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Guide to Fitting Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the safest and easiest way to change your hairstyle and can be used to add both length and volume whilst also allowing you to experiment with styles that you can’t create with shorter hair. The extensions are clipped under your natural hair so that the clips can’t be seen.

Step 1

Start at the back of your head and divide your hair just below one ear to the other. Take this section and clip it firmly at the top of your head to keep it out of the way of your extensions.

Step 2

Take your first weft and insert the centre clip just below the horizontal parting you just created. Once in the right position, snap the clip closed and it will grip your hair and remain in place.

Repeat until this layer is fully fitted.

Step 3

Release the hair that was pinned to the top of your head and create a new parting in the same way that you did in Step 1. Leave about half an inch between each weft layer and each time you create a new parting be sure to secure the remaining hair to the top of your head.

Then continue to insert the extensions in the same way until you fit the side pieces. These should frame your face and blend in with your natural hair.

Step 4

Rock your amazing new hair!

Step 5 and probably the most important…Take Care of Your Hair!

Wash your extensions with your normal shampoo in lukewarm water (not too hot!), wipe them off with a towel and then allow your hair to dry naturally.

You can achieve most styles with our FabDivas clip-in extensions, available in a variety of colours, lengths and styles. Our extensions can be cut, styled (with or without heat) and coloured.

If you care for them properly all of our clip-in extensions can last up to a year but less frequent washes and styling will help to prolong them.

Visit our store today or get in touch to achieve your dream hairstyle!

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