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Yes, you read that right!

Now, we wouldn’t recommend going outside and dunking your face into a big pile of snow (especially if it’s yellow!), all you need is an ice cube and a few minutes to achieve a fabulous complexion every day!

Cryotherapy or ‘icing’ as it’s more commonly known, is a super simple method that involves taking an ice cube from the freezer (you could even freeze some chamomile tea to help soothe your skin) and, after your usual cleansing routine, wrapping the ice inside a thin muslin cloth and gently rubbing it over your entire face, concentrating on red areas and dark circles.

The freezing cold temperature is perfect for reducing redness, minimising pores and getting rid of puffiness or inflammation which makes it perfect for anyone feeling a little under-the-weather, hung-over or suffering from breakouts.

After ten minutes, you’ll find your skin lifted, tighter and much more luminous. Once you’ve finished, continue with your normal skincare routine by applying your day cream and watch how your makeup applies more seamlessly than it did before.

Word of warning: Do NOT repeat this process too often as it can cause ‘threading’ veins if done too regularly. It’s best saved for special occasions and days where you’re feeling particularly ‘meh!’

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