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The Best Summer Hair Trends of 2015 So Far

Hair trends rise and fall. Some stick with you for life while others fade away. Each year we see fresh new styles and returning styles.

2015 has been a year for hair experimentation. We’ve seen new cuts, new colours and new styles. We’ve seen a range of hair disasters and the rise of armpit hair! What’s your view on that?

It’s been an exciting year for hair, and we’re only half way through it! So, we’ve put together a list of the best summer hair trends of 2015 so far.

  1. Bronde

crissyBronde hair is definitely the hot hairstyle this season. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez, to Blake Lively is flaunting their bronde locks this summer.

In case you’re wondering, bronde hair is not a new thing. It’s always been around, as a natural combination of brunette and blonde, but thanks to J-Lo and the new L’Oreal advert, it now has a name.

It’s one of the more natural hair trends this season as many people naturally have this tone of hair colour, think Chrissy Teigen, but it’s been picked up by celebs and is currently this summer’s hottest look!

If you’re thinking of going Bronde this summer, relax, it’s a colour that will suit most skin tones, it’s also super low-maintenance and the blonde highlights add a great shine to the look.



  1. Silver Fox or #GrannyHair

greyIt used to be that people were afraid of grey hairs and quickly covered them with colour but this year the tables have turned. Silver Foxes are prowling the streets rocking this aged hair colour.

No matter what shade of grey you choose, you’re guaranteed to look amazing! Take care though, the process of getting this particular colour is not a pleasant one for your hair.





  1. Lob

lobProbably the most simple hairstyle to create, the Lob is a great way to re-fresh your hair after winter. Chop off all of those dry, dead ends to create a chic, easy to maintain summer look.

You can customise your lob anyway you want to, with choppy ends, a fringe or waves.






  1. Top Knot

top knotA quick and simple hairstyle for anyone on the move. This style works with almost all hair textures and is a great way to look put together wherever you are.

It’s also a perfect second day hairstyle if you still have any festivals in your summer calendar.






  1. Colombré

colombreThe newest style of the season is very similar to the Ombré hairstyle only using brighter, bolder colours, leaving the roots natural then adding bursts of pastel or fluorescent colours to the lengths of your hair.

Are you ready to experiment with your hair?

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