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Holiday Party Jewellery – What to Wear to your Christmas Party

The ‘what to wear’ conundrum has always been omnipresent, and it gets even more complicated when you realise that the holiday season is upon us. There are so many parties to attend, therefore, so many outfits to come up with, so stay with us if you need some help. Here are five useful tips on what to wear to a Christmas party, with the focus on jewellery!

Forget holiday colours

Christmas is all about red, green, and gold, so it would be quite logical to incorporate these colours into your party outfit, right? Well, that’s actually not such a good idea. Dressing in those shades from head to toe is way too predictable, which is exactly what you don’t want – being predictable is boring!

So, choose hot pink, turquoise, or mustard yellow instead. Compliment your colourful outfit with fabulous statement jewellery such as chunky necklaces or bracelets, and you’re ready to join the celebration!

Little black dress to the rescue


When it comes to the popular LBD, the truth is that you really can’t go wrong!

Even though many girls will probably roll their eyes right now, thinking that this combo was seen too many times before, we have to say that you should give it a try.

Match it up with top-notch suede pumps and add a pair of glamorous chandelier earrings to round up the whole combo. Don’t forget to buy an oversized clutch that matches your shoes for a much better visual effect! You can wear such a piece both at day and at night.

A glamorous jumpsuit – why not?

When looking for a perfect jumpsuit, the vital thing is definitely the fit – if it doesn’t follow your body line flawlessly, it’s a disaster!

If you haven’t worn it yet, don’t worry – you’ll look absolutely stunning in this marvellous garment. Just make sure to keep it simple – that’ll allow you to upgrade it with some extraordinary pieces of fashion jewellery. Adding a festive brooch will be like a cherry on top; however, if that’s not your thing, you can always opt for several long necklaces and layer them up.

Lovely knitted pieces to warm you up


Wearing knitted tops is an absolute must during winter, especially for a Christmas party – nothing screams holidays more than these warm little fellows.

A nice, colourful sweater in combination with a knee-high pencil skirt may be the right choice for you – particularly if you don’t have much time on your hands to get prepared. A long necklace with a remarkable pendant will do the trick, as well as lovely hair accessories that’ll help you sparkle even more. Just slip into your ankle booties afterwards and you’re good to go!

Make an impact

If you’re not into experimenting with colours and shapes, don’t worry – you can still make an impact!

Keep your overall outfit simple and show off your amazing holiday jewellery – that’s indeed a winning combo!

Choose one of the elegant formal dresses from your closet and be sure to match its plunging neckline with your luxurious crystal necklace. If you have a bracelet that follows the same style – you’re a lucky girl!

For a pop of colour, go for simple yet effective shoes in your favourite shade.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your holiday outfits with unique pieces of jewellery. You don’t even have to spend much money on them – working with what you already have will make everything much more fun. Give it a try and have an unforgettable Christmas party with your dearest ones!

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