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Our Favourite Winter 2015 Hairstyles

The cold weather is finally setting in. The time for hot chocolate and warmer clothes is upon us, so what better time to update your look with a new hairstyle to match your warmer wardrobe.

We’ve got the scoop on the latest winter hairstyles to keep you looking hot whatever the weather.

There are a range of new cuts, colours and styles breaking through this season including braids, plaits and bold, experimental styles.

We can also expect a comeback from centre partings and hairbands.

Check out our top 5 favourite hairstyles below.

Textured Fringe


If you grew your hair out a little bit last season so that you have more to play with, a quick way of updating your look is to add a textured fringe that just scrapes your eyebrows. Pair this with loose waves and you’ll look charming and flawless.

Contouring Cut


Enhance your cheekbones with this sleek, collar-length cut. It’s precise and works really well in a professional or formal setting. Just remember to keep your hair super straight.

High Pony Tail


This is an amazing, effortless look for those with long hair or extensions. Pull your hair up to the very top of your head, tie it tight and add an array of curls to the tail end. As a finishing touch try wrapping a strand of your hair around the bobble to complete your look.

Flipped Crop


This style is perfect for short hair. Simply add volume and flip hair to one side.

Slick Sweepback


An elegant hairstyle that will work on every length. The main aim of this hairstyle is to draw attention to your face by sweeping your hair back neatly and tucking it behind your ears.

Now go and experiment with these winter worthy hairstyles and bring out the Diva in you!

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