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FabDivas Launches First UK Lipstick Collection for All Skin Colours

It all started with a wish list – to create a brand new lipstick with ethics and diversity as the main ingredients.

Fab Divas has mixed them beautifully, with the launch of the Memories Collection – 6 lipsticks spanning the colour spectrum.

Whatever your skin tone, there is a Memories shade for you.

Fab Divas has been created by London mental health nurse Ines Agyepong.

She knows makeup.

She couldn’t live without it.

She doesn’t live without it!

She’s tried almost every brand out there and can tell you the pros and cons of each lipstick you could

pick up on the High Street.

She knows what makes a great lipstick and what puts people off, so her collection is luxuriously

smooth, matte and long-lasting; you won’t even know you’ve got it on – it’s that smooth!

Re-application is only needed as a top-up throughout the day, with the collection surviving coffee,

brunch and most of your lunch before you need another application.

Whilst it’s not a stain, the colour does last…really well!

  • Vegan
  • Long-lasting
  • Bees’ wax-base
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Ethically-produced
  • Colour palette for all skin tones
  • A range created by a black woman
  • Smooth
  • Matte

And Ines’ message behind the brand is to give women confidence, to find their inner diva and be the

person they want to be – a Fab Diva!

She has always used beauty as a way of expressing her own style and confidence and wants others

to do the same with her collection of 6 colours in her first collection.

Ines was upset to discover after some internet research, many of the unethical and animal-based

ingredients that went into some of the larger brands and set out to create a brand that was cruelty-

free, ethical and vegan, knowing that people do make purchases based on these choices.

Her ‘Memories’ collection includes:

  • Dusk Rose – A nude base with a medium pink
  • Cherry – A brilliant red
  • Swede Pearls – A light brown
  • Plum – A beautiful purple
  • Molasses – A dark brown
  • Midnight – Dark blue

The story behind the Memories collection:

Memories is named after Ines’ close friend and former nursing colleague Memory, who worked with

Ines to start creating the brand in early 2015. She passed away suddenly later that year, without

having seen the brand come to life and so Ines dedicated the collection to her.

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