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The Hottest Jewellery Trends for Summer 2015

There’s so much to experiment with this season that you’ll never be bored. When making your jewellery choices you should focus on bright colours, detail and all things BOLD!

Fashion is about making a statement and this season is all about doing just that. Whether you’re looking for chokers, hoops, 70’s chic or statement pieces, we have the low down on what you need, right here!

TOP TIP: Brass is the metal of choice this summer. Anything brass goes, whether it’s a ring, earring or necklace, we want brass and we want it now.

Statement Earrings & Hoops


This fashion season has seen a surge in the popularity of statement earrings. We’re talking HUGE hoops with a little retro flair, bright colours, jewels and even some Spanish flair to set off your look this season.

Try our Disco Beaded earrings in pink for a colour to shout about.


FD neckalce by Isabel-500x500

Chokers are HUGE this season and make any outfit more intimate and powerful. If you’re dressing to impress then a choker is definitely the way to go.

Our Vintage Bib Choker or Velvet Necklace are perfect pieces to showcase this classic style.



Whether it’s necklaces or earrings, pendants are in style right now. The thing to remember is detail and lots of it. If you can wear a matching set to really tie together your outfit and do not be afraid to get the biggest, boldest, bad-ass piece that you can find!

Slogan Bracelets


Slogan bracelets were the talk of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, allowing women to express themselves through their fashion choices in a more obvious way. The bracelets are very brightly coloured and feature slogans such as, ‘Ladies First’ and ‘Make Fashion Not War’…I mean, who doesn’t agree with this?

Mix It Up


Imperfection is perfect this summer with fashion designers highlighting the beauty in irregularity as they showcase mismatched earrings. Whether the earrings are mixed up in colour, length or shape if you wear if confidently you can pull this off!

Festival Fashions



70’s style has made another comeback to coincide with festival season! Big, chunky necklaces and bracelets in earth colours are a great way to complete your hippie style and any accessory utilising feathers or beads can be added to create a true 70’s chic look.







Recycled Fashion

luxury earrings-500x500


We don’t mean this in the literal sense of creating jewellery out of recyclable items, we mean fashion brought back through the generations and this season we want you to think back to your mother’s and your grandmother’s as estate fashion centres around bringing back to period, fashionable and detailed items that aren’t seen as much lately.

Represent the ladies of fashion history with intricate, detailed earrings such as our Crystal Drop and Luxurious Round earrings.

At FabDivas our aim is to help unleash your inner Diva so visit our store today to find the perfect jewellery to compliment your summer style!

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