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Master Boho Fashion in Summer 2016

Summer is the time for long sunny days, ice cream, barbeques, festivals and fabulous new fashion trends.

The great news for summer 2016 is that boho is back! But we’re not talking about flower crowns and way too much fringe! This year the boho style is throwing back by using classic and timeless, Thea Porter inspired prints and shapes.

It’s time to update your summer wardrobe and our top 5 tips will help you become a boho diva!

Lose the layers

layersLayers are too hot for summer anyway, keep things cool and aim for a more minimalistic look. A simple dress or a trouser/skirt and shirt combo works really well as long as you choose bold prints and create a dynamic cat-walk ready silhouette.

Step away from the accessories! Bangles, scarves and chunky jewellery are all out of the window. Keep your look minimalistic by opting for bold shapes, colours and prints.

If the pull of accessories is too much for you to let go of, try a plain, wide brimmed hat, a small choker necklace or one of our FabDivas earcuffs.



Be creative 

creativeLetting go of layers allows you to be more creative with your outfit. Try experimenting with items of clothing that contrast. Whether it’s different colours, shapes or prints, mix and match to see what works well together.

Consider horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes down your legs to create your very own optical illusion.

Or, to keep things even simpler, pick up an intricately detailed all-in-one outfit to really grab attention.




Trend Ties

Another huge trend this season is cold shoulders. Pair your boho creation with an off the shoulder look for a true summer showstopper!

Explore Texture

Textures are fabulous and can bring a new level of depth to your outfit. Explore with a range of different textures from embroidery and denim to leather and ruffles.

Hair and Makeup


Your hair and makeup really need to compliment your outfit so you’ll need to follow to minimal, simplistic rule here too!

Forget about glitter and heap loads of make-up and keep it almost bare for your most natural look. Think natural colours for your hair and a loose, semi-messy wave hairstyle will complete your ensemble.






There you have it, your 5 step guide to mastering the 2016 summer boho look! What are you waiting for?

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