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Are you a beauty blogger? Makeup artists? Beauty influencer?

We currently have a small budget to send out free lipsticks from our ‘Memories’ collection to a small selection of influential bloggers/social media users such as yourself.

Our lipsticks are available in 6 amazing colours and are designed to suit all skin tones.

They’re also vegan, cruelty-free and produce a fantastic matte finish.

Come and follow us on Instagram (@fabdivasuk) for examples of our lipstick!

All we’d ask from you is that you:

  • Post a few selfies of you wearing our lipsticks to your social media profiles with a link back to our website/tagging our social profiles.
  • Write a brief and honest review about our lipsticks on your blog (with a link back to our website) or on our website.

If you’re a beauty blogger, makeup artist or beauty influencer, get in touch with your stats today and let us know which of our lipsticks you’d like to try!

Please note: Our budget for free lipsticks is extremely limited which means that unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a sample for everyone who gets in touch. This is open to UK influencers only at the moment.

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