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How to Match Jewellery with Hair Colour

Every time when we choose a piece of jewellery for an occasion, we have to consider whether it will match our dress, purse, shoes, etc. However, can you notice what is missing here? Of course you can – our hair colour. The same way we match a necklace with a dress, we have to be sure that its colour suits our hair as well, since if it doesn’t, all the effort we made to match everything else will be in vain. Here is some great advice on how you can do this the right way.


Blondes have probably the easiest job, since almost all colours, from soft romantic ones to those more eccentric, go great with fair hair. However, some of the colours are at the top of the list, include blue hues. So, if you want to look absolutely stunning, go for vintage gem necklaces or earrings. Additionally, if your skin is as fair as your hair, an orange gemstone will add a touch of drama to your look, so you’ll be absolutely irresistible.



Unlike blondes, brunettes have a tougher choice to make, but they still have a wide variety of colours to choose from. For example, red hues are always the right choice. A pair of deep red earrings will further accentuate the natural undertones of brown hair. Paired with long well-nurtured brown hair, they will make you look like a fairy tale princess. However, if your hair is not so long, you can always try lengthening your look with some amazing hair extensions, which are excellent for special occasions. Another great colour for a brunette is romantic rose-gold. With it, you’ll look absolutely stunning.


Red is a very intense colour, so you should not go too crazy with your jewellery. Instead, stick to natural, earthy hues. We particularly like how dark green and yellow shades go with such a fiery look. So, if you like the idea of such an appearance, but you’re not a natural redhead, you can always use semi permanent hair colour to try out this look. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with yourself immediately.



We said that brunettes have a tough choice to make, but wait until you hear about the things that women with black hair have to take into consideration before buying a piece of jewellery. First of all, they should always stay away from natural soft colours, since such jewellery won’t pop at all. Instead, strong and bright tones are exactly what these women should be looking for. These colours include red, pink, rich green, bright blue and silver. So, if you have a special occasion coming up soon, aside from jewellery in one of these colours, you can try out different hair accessories, which will add a touch of glamour to your look.


Silver hair has grown in popularity over the past few years, and if you’re one of the women who are into this trend, here’s some advice on how to choose the perfect fashion jewellery. First of all, remember that purple is one of your best friends among colours. It’ll match your silver hair perfectly. Not only will such jewellery, it will make you look mysterious and incredibly sexy. Silver and gold are another great combination. Thanks to them, your hair will look magical and your whole appearance will be perfectly balanced.

As you can see, certain rules exist, but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow them blindly. They are here to help you look your best, but remember that being innovative and creative never hurts. Finally, it’s most important that you find your own style and like what you see in the mirror.

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